Thursday, April 19, 2007

Weather Forecast in Everest Area

Here's a forecast from team member Voltaire Velacso who is an Environmental Physicist. Voltaire's forecasts will be crucial in guiding the team when they set their summit date. I'm trying to confirm this, but I think Voltaire works for NASA? Hi-tech! :)

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Weather Forecast 18 April 2007

Precipitation: up to 2-3 cm of snow per day prevailing until Saturday.
most precipitation expected around 6pm local time.

Partly cloudy to cloudy until the weekend.

Winds near ABC remain light.
Strongest of up to 20 km/h on Friday and Saturday evening near ABC.
Direction East.

Summit winds of more than 20 - 30km/h starting Friday, will remain until the weekend or early next week.
Direction: East.

ABC: steady -8°C to -11°C until the weekend.
Summit: -36°C until the weekend, warming up a bit to -32 to -34°C by next week.

More detailed forecast will follow soon.

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Monix said...

He also recounted that there is a team of Sherpanis climbing on the north side with an International team. The Pinay climbers have met them and the women hit it off really well.

aba naman ang girls ang charms talaga! hahaha! si noey may manliligaw na sherpa na nakilala niya sa US. just kidding. :-p

a super duper belated (a month ago na haha) happy birthday to pastour pala. naalala ko bigla, magkasunod lang kami ng birthday hehe.