Monday, May 07, 2007

Weather May Delay Summit Attempt

Strong winds may delay the Filipina climbers' attempt to reach the summit. According to the latest weather report on Everest, there will be strong winds on the summit on May 12, which is also the date set by the climbers to summit Mt. Everest.

Because of this, the team is thinking of delaying their summit attempt to May 15 or 16. For now though, the dates are tentative as the team is still deciding on what is best for the climbers.


Anonymous said...

no matter what hinders beneath the ridge you're crossing, u can make it to the summit!! as what summiters told, "This kind of climbing is the simplest you can imagine. It is only that you must take everything into account, all the foreseeable - and the unforeseeable, too - otherwise you will not live long."

Anton said...

Ingat and we will pray for your successful climb!

Jay Fermin said...

With much prayers from Los Angeles, we wish you all the best on this a historic moment for the Philippines.

Your assault on Everest is already being covered & published in most Los Angeles Phil. newspapers. We are proud of you all!!! God Speed.

Jay Fermin ppp-usa

Christine said...

Go girls! Really rooting for you.....Can't wait for May 15/16.

Haidi Dayondon said...

Hi Manang Carina!!! Ingat u lagi nd we're always praying for the best and success of the team. Luv u sis!God bless!!!