Sunday, April 29, 2007

Business As Usual

Just wanted to clarify that those visiting Nepal have nothing to fear. The protest action was limited to a very small area, for only a few hours, and ended peacefully. Everything is back to Normal, for now.

The Everest Team in Tibet reports that everyone is in good health. They are just resting and recovering in Chinese Base Camp.

The Nepal side support group is already in Namche Bazaar. One member of the team complained of AMS symptoms but is now feeling better. Everest Summiter Leo Oracion is with them and will take care of the arrangements on the mountain to welcome the three girls.

ABS-CBN's Abner Mercado and Wilbert dela Cruz are in Kathmandu preparing their gear and making arrangements to follow to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. They're in great condition and raring to go.

Expedition Co-Leader Art Valdez flies to Lhasa tomorrow to negotiate with the China Tibet Mountaineering Association (CTMA). Let's hope the CTMA agrees to lower the traverse fees for the three women.

We will be taking a road trip tomorrow to the Nepal-Tibet border, and on to the Base Camp from there. We expect to meet up with Art in 3 days, and the Philippine Team in a week. The next update could be in a few days as we may not have communication. Will try my best to keep everyone posted.


Anonymous said...

we will be in kathmandu on the 15th of May and stay until the 21st..hope to see the team at Namche Bazaar.. Goodluck to the TEAM!!! -Optik

walph said...

the support team in nepal is in namche right now, we arrived at 6pm may 27th... everybody is ok except for Dr. Jodell who's manifesting sigs and symptoms of AMS. But i am closely monitoring him and the rest of the team..., Dr. Jodell is showing signs of improvements...

we just finish acclimatizing this morning at shangbouche ( 3720 m ) Dr. Jodell seems to be fine...

we'll head to tengboche tomorrow at 7am

tochs said...

Walph, kumusta naman ang tubig diyan. Anong magandang preparation sa tubig diyan? Iodine ba, Puritabs o Water Filter?

Abisuhan mo kami para makadaan sa malapit na botika rito.

monix said...

ralpots! alagaan mo si doc jodell ha hohohoho! hoy may atraso ka sa akin zinoom in mo pala yung pwet ko nung pababa ako nung wall na inakyat ko nung send-off party. lagot ka sa akin pag-uwi mo mwahahaha. ingat ka pre!