Monday, April 30, 2007

No Consideration on Tibet Traverse Fees

Here is an update from co-expedition leader Art Valdez who is in Lhasa:

I met with China Tibet Mountaineering Association (CTMA) this morning to seek clarification on the new $3000 fee for traversing Everest. CTMA explained that this is very recent, coming mid-April, which is why we were only informed April 18 while our expedition is already ongoing.

Mr. Tso Mo, CTMA vice secretary general, clarified that he cannot do anything as much as he would want to help because this guideline came from Beijing. He did promise that CTMA will assist in whatever way to help ensure success and safety of the three Filipina climbers.

Art Valdez

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R. Messner II said...

wether or not...irregardless of cost...

you had already started and you had been there in the midst of your expedition... hopes and dreams are now clearly foreseen as the clear skies connives in your ascents...

tighten your crampons, strike your axes and publish a record... go! go! go! Philippines!!! Mabuhay!!!