Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Noelle Wenceslao Back At Base Camp

Noelle with Mt. Everest in the palm of her hand.

Finally got to talk to Pinay Everest Climber Noelle Wenceslao who is now at Chinese Base Camp. She had to go down after suffering from a severe headache and vomiting at Advanced Base Camp. She is now feeling a lot better in the relatively thicker air down the mountain.

Noelle says the two other Filipina women, Janet Belarmino and Carina Dayondon are probably making their way back to ABC after sleeping at the North Col or Camp 1. Noelle says the two are performing well at high altitude, and their next climb up in four or five days could already be a summit push for the two, if the conditions are right.

Noelle can now be reached by cellphone, but she will be charged when you call. Please e-mail me if you want her number to text or call her, especially if you're donating SMART ACES pre-paid cards for their satphone.


monix said...

haha just got to talk to her din kanina. she kinda sounded like she had a massive hangover hohohoho. choy aquino told me however that noey's really susceptible to such. take care piggy!

miriam said...

Hi! Thanks for putting up this blog and letting us know how they're doing. :) Would the 3 of them get a chance to read the comments we leave on this blog? Sent you an email also regarding their smart ace details...thanks!