Friday, April 27, 2007

Tibet Politics

Here is the latest text from Noelle, "Dr. Ted is taking care of my health while I am watching his politics." This is in reference to Dr. Ted's emotional involvement in the incident involving Tibetan refugees at the Nangpa La Pass which took place during last year's Cho Oyu expedition.

A few days earlier, 4 climbers in Tibet EBC were arrested because of political acts. We are keeping Dr. Ted away from "politics" and will keep him focused on supporting the 3 Filipinas on the summi-traverse climb.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

kapatid na dr rted..wag mo muna pansinin mga intsik jan at baka maudlot pa expedition..just look after the girls and make our country proud..
take good care, konting pasensya at nasa ibang planeta ka..hehe! i hope di ka masabit sa kung saan jan..uuwi pa kayo ng pilipinas dala tagumpay ng bawa't pinoy.. madami kami dito excited sa exped at sa pagbabalik nyo..
pagkatapos na lang ng expedition, resbak tayo..joke! hehehe!