Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ooops.. They're At It Again!

My apologies to the Britney fans, but I just wanted to get this out quickly and let all of you know about the new adventure of the Pinoy Everest Team.

They are now back in Kathmandu preparing to join the Everest Marathon.

Yes, it is a Marathon in Mt. Everest. No, it is not a race up the mountain, but will start at the Everest Base Camp and go down to the village of Lukla. It will be a real marathon distance 42+ kilometer race, and the Pinoy and Pinay Everesters are guning for the record of placing in the top 5.

It's a record for them already though as the first Filipinos to join the race. Let's hope they do well and that nobody gets hit with altitude sickness.

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