Monday, May 12, 2008

Touchdown In Hongkong

Here's an earlier e-mail from Teqm Leader Art Valdez who wrote fron Hong kong. The Pinoy contingent consists of Sir Art, Leo Oracion, Erwin 'Pastor' Emata, Carina Dayondon, Noelle Wenceslao, Dr. Ted Esguerra and Fred Jamili.
Hi Vince,
We are taking it easy here in HK for our early evening flight to KTM. We are all excited and really enjoying ourselves because for the first time, no pressure, nor life threatening challenges ahead for us.
The Everest Marathon is tough but not as dangerous compared to the climb to the summit which we did for the last two years.Anyway, we are sending our warmest hello from Hongkong. Wish you're here to enjoy this new exciting adventure.

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