Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Almost There

Just had radio contact with the girls at 8300 meters. Their voices sound strong and confident. They start climbing tonight at 10 pm.

They are estimated to reach the summit tomorrow at 10-11 am Manila time.

They are already in radio contact with Nepal base camp. Let's continue to pray for them as they traverse down to the Nepal side which they are expected to reach Friday noon to complete the world record of being the first women to traverse Everest.



pakisabi kay Noelle pag nakausap mo ulit, may mass para sa kanila everyday from chapel of san lorenzo ruiz in new york about their saftey and success. maraming tao ang nagdadasal para sa kanila rito. Pinay Power!!!

Troi Santos

monix said...

i'm soooo proud of you girls. you made it! NOEY! YOU CAME IN FIRST SWEETIE I'VE BEEN JUMPING UP AND DOWN HERE IN THE OFFICE WHEN I HEARD THE GOOD NEWS. ate janet and carina, saludo ako sa inyo. have a safe descent!

all my love,

monix-slash-vincent (hehehehehe)

livingplanet said...

congrats ladies. mabuhay kayo. take care on the traverse. you make us proud.