Saturday, May 19, 2007

Singing On The Summit

Ang lakas talaga ng Pinay!

Two hours before reaching the summit, the team radioed Advance Base Camp to give an update on their location. During that call, Carina Dayondon sang on the radio an excerpt from the song "Kaya Ng Pinay", which was composed by Team Doctor Ted Esguerra.

On hearing her singing, Everest Summiter Pastour Emata, who was at ABC radioed back, "Carina, I bet you're singing because you're scared."

Carina's response.. "Excuse Me!"

Ang taray ng lola mo.

On reaching the summit, Noelle Wenceslao's radio message was, "Naabot na ng Pinay ang tuktok ng Mundo!" (The Filipina has reached the top of the world!)

Her voice was strong and clear, and she wasn't even out of breath.

Carina also radioed to ABC, "I'm so tired, I'm so excited, I don't know what to do! I feel like going to the bathroom!"

Janet Belarmino climbed past the summit and went straight down the Nepal side. Her Sherpa didn't want to stop because there were too many people at the summit and it was getting cold.

On our way back from Tibet to the Nepal border, we were thinking of what other messages the women could have given at the summit. Expedition Leader Art Valdez said, why don't we ask readers of the blog to post what they think would have been a good summit message.
You never know, maybe someone could use it next year?


Anonymous said...

congratulations to the three pinay on the top of everest.

it is true ba na may indonesian women na nakarating na sa summit ng everest via south route during the 90's na lumabas sa news. nabasa ko na rin ito dun sa isang feature ng website ng everest

eniweys, sila pa rin ang unang babae na nakatraverse via Tibet down to nepal at unang babae na nakapagsummit sa everest ng 2007.

well done, kung kaya ng pinoy, kaya rin ng pinay!

chap said...

Vince haven't heard from you. We got a bit worried...or a lot. Take care.

monix said...

Carina's response.. "Excuse Me!"

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA typical Carina reaction hahahaha