Friday, May 18, 2007

Pinays Now At Base Camp

Thanks to all your prayers, Janet, Noelle and Carina are now at Nepal base camp. Not only are they the first Southeast Asian women to summit Everest, they are now also the first women in the world to traverse Everest. Now it's time to really CELEBRATE!

The women are scheduled to leave for Kathmandu tomorrow. They will trek for four days to the village of Lukla where they will get a flight on a 25-seater plane to the capital of Nepal.

Meantime, the women, who are members of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), have been promoted one rank higher, from seawoman first to seawoman officer third class. The PCG is now preparing a heroes welcome for the three Pinays.

Will update again later...


Anonymous said...

First Philipppine Mount Everest Expedition Team (FPMEE) or Philippine Team Everest..Kaya ng Pinoy, Kaya ng Pinay… whatever, basta.. U MADE A HISTORY..
salamat sa tagumpay na binahagi ng team nyo sa bawa't pinoy..
o, umuwi na kayo dito, magpaparty na kayo.. hehehe!

bubut said...

Congrats!!! Now enough of Everest and on to more technical peaks, where the money will last a lot longer and more climbers can benefit. $9000 can finance a lot of independent expeditions --- without outfitters or guides. Expedition planning, route finding, weather and avalanche prediction will be best learned far from beaten paths; when you don't pay an outfitter to guide you. Money will go a lot further in the Karakoram (below 6000m), Indian Himalaya or Cordillera Blanca, where no permits are needed.